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Meet the team… we take five with Matt Hinton

Published: 06.11.2019

Matt Hinton is the head of sales & operations at COPA Apprenticeships. He’s worked in the work-based learning and apprenticeship sector for around 15 years. Having worked in a range of operational and head office roles, Matt is well versed in creating and delivering programmes which meet the needs of employer partners. Matt shares his thoughts and advice – and reveals his breakfast of choice.

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

To look at all opportunities for further and higher education and not just university as the only option. With hindsight, I really didn’t need my degree for any the jobs I’ve held since graduating. I loved my time at university and came away with a lot more knowledge than just my degree. However, if I’d left school and undertaken an apprenticeship, I would have been earning money whilst learning the skills I needed to do the job I wanted to do and MAY have realised progression opportunities a lot earlier too.

A simple way to look at this would be to ask yourself a question “Do I need a degree to do the job I want?” If the answer is yes, then you may need to look at going to uni. Although this isn’t the only option nowadays as there are many degree level apprenticeship programmes available. If the answer is no, then look at the other opportunities available to gain the knowledge required to do the job you want. There are hundreds of apprenticeships available across most sectors, so the likelihood is you can find a solution.

What are your three top tips for an employer wanting to implement an apprenticeship programme?

  1. Line manager engagement is key to the success of an apprenticeship programme. Line managers need to understand the commitment required from their apprentices, the support and mentoring they need to give, as well as the off the job training entitlement. An Outstanding Training Provider should support you with briefing your line managers and to reiterate the investment required.
  2. Apprentice engagement – quality over quantity. Levy payers are sometimes keen to spend their fund by recruiting as many apprenticeships as they can afford from their Levy pot. My advice is to ensure apprentices are fully engaged with the programme and the expectations required for them to achieve.
  3. Communication and engagement with training providers – for apprentices to achieve in a timely manner it is imperative that employers communicate with training providers and their apprentices to identify support required, progress made and commitment needed

Why are apprenticeships relevant to head office/central service teams?

Head office functions are no different to customer facing teams. Every position has a set of knowledge, skills and behaviours that people need to learn to become efficient and effective in their roles. Our head office programmes are designed specifically to impart the knowledge these teams require to carry out their roles to the agreed industry standard. Our business coaches will work closely with your teams, embedding skills and behaviours of your organisation into the apprenticeship programme to create a truly effective head office programme.

What do you eat for breakfast?

Granola, porridge or Weetabix with honey

What do you do for fun/to relax?

Walks on the beach with the family, searching for crabs and climbing over rocks

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